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Petassos’ philosophy is imprinted on all parameters of the organization of a trip.

This means that issues such as ‘accommodation’ and ‘meals’, are tackled, taking into consideration the acquaintance of our travelers with the local characteristics of the area we visit; the gastronomic culture and the customs of the  locals. In that sense, the accommodation is generally simple, following all the hygiene and safety rules, and the meals include exclusively organic products produced by local farmers and are based on the local gastronomic culture of the area we visit each time.

PETASSOS cooperates with an international insurance company for the security matters of each trip. Some exceptions are made in the cases of means of transportation, since they include their own insurance for our travelers. (e.g. buses, sailing boats etc). In any case, PETASSOS aims to provide safe and comfortable transportation for the travelers. In the cases that a trip includes hiking or trekking in a gorge or, generally, physical activity on the mountains or in the sea, we make sure we have the support of experienced guides.

Alteration of a travel’s program

The program of an excursion can be altered for various reasons (e.g. alteration of weather conditions). The final decision for the programmed activities depends on the safety of the whole team and remains at the discretion of the staff of each trip.


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