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ask us to call you (give us your phone number and your availability)


fill in the form of REQUEST  and ... even better (!) answer to the questions of the following questionnaire and email them to us !



(These are general questions addressed to all types of travelers)

  • Have you ever traveled to Greece? Do you already have an idea of ​​the places or areas you would like to visit?
  • Do you have any particular preference for the type of trip you’d like to do? Culture, local meetings, nature, adventure, sports such as mountain bike, canoeing, caving, climbing, etc.?
  • Would you like to change destinations (or overnights)? How many?
  • In general, do you prefer mountains or seas?
  • Do you like landscapes lost in nature? Do you like exploration? The isolated areas? Or a bit more of cosmopolitan areas?
  • Would you like to hike? If so, what kind of hikes? What level of difficulty / altitude and duration? What is your expérience?
  • Please mention to us if you have a difficulty with vertigo.
  • I suppose you would like to rent a car to visit beautiful landscapes ... So, what is the maximum number of hours you would like to drive per day or every 2 or more days? In Greece if you want to discover its deep soul, it's better to drive in small and at times narrow and curly roads. That's the beauty and charm of our country ... the variety of landscapes, the little surprises at the back of each hill ... the hidden plateaus, coastal roads with crystal beaches, small villages and archeological sites.
  • Does accommodation play an important role for you? That is, is it a priority for you in this trip? Or it is the places that you will visit that count more? We are making this question because there are beautiful places that we can recommend, where one can find only basic accommodation (2-3 *): however always clean and correct.
  • Regarding the rooms ... could you tell us the type of the rooms you would like us to rent for you? Family room? Single rooms?
  • What about the beds? Double beds or single ones?
  • Do you have an idea of the budget you could give for this trip (excluding flights)? The possibilities of activities and accommodation are so diverse that a rough budget would allow us to offer you the trip that will be closer to your desires.
  • Do you want to have a guide or driver?
  • Regarding the participants: thank you to send me their number and their ages.
  • Are your airline tickets booked? If so, it's important to tell me to know the flight timetables (arrival and departure).


 Tell us your preferences : 

  • Sites that are too cosmopolitan, or there is mass tourism with big hotels 'all inclusive' (this is not offered as an option by our agency) 
  • Very isolated and quiet sites with small villages lost in nature
  • Sites that combine the two
  • Very wild sites that can be explored in 4X4 (not at all dangerous with our 24h support)
  • Heavenly beaches, even if they are very touristy
  • Heavenly beaches not very well known
  • Great mountains full of hiking paths




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