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The philosophy of our excursions


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At PETASSOS we organize trips that are centered on a specific theme derived from anthropology (history, archaeology,ethnography and folklore) or from the natural sciences (non-biotic and living environment). The purpose of the theme is to bring out the special features of the place we are visiting.

Almost all itineraries include hiking of varying difficulty and duration, through wonderful and, mainly, unknown natural trails, contact and communication with local residents being an integral part of the experience. 


On each trip we offer a “working hypothesis” in the form of a “script”. Based on this script, which can be a geological phenomenon, an historical even or a human activity, we form our excursion plan, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Travellers are taken on a sequence of events as if they are reading a book in time, or like watching a movie.

All travellers are given a booklet or “textbook” through which they have the chance to explore the scrip in greater depth and in more details. This booklet enables them to start searching for themselves and shape their own scripts or even to bring to the foreground aspects of the same “traveling hypothesis”.

Also, the tour includes presentations of visual and audio material as the tour unfolds. Through these presentations we have the chance to talk about the various aspects of the theme we are exploring.

Based on the theme of each tour, PETASSOS tries to awaken all the senses. Our aim is to give you the sensations which you can use to form an experience.

This is the kind of trip PETASSOS can offer you.



Extra travel provisions, upon request


It is possible to organize for you a translation to your language, with an extra charge.

The same applies with the transfer to the meeting point. Pease inform us if you don’t have a personal vehicle for arriving there.

Don’t forget to inform us of possible allergies or nutritional particularities you may have.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question (info@petassostravel.com).


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