WELCOME TO PETASSOS TRAVELSpecialists in Crete, Santorine, Karpathos, Athens & Epirus 

PETASSOS TRAVEL is an agency of experiential tourism that specialises in Crete & several other areas of Greece. Having crisscrossed our land for more than 20 years, we feel like knowing deeply this multifaceted country and we are eager to share with you our passion and guide you to the paths revealing its treasures, history and culture.

Our experienced and enthousiastic team of archaeologists, historians, biologists, geologists, mountaineers, speleologists, scholars of the Cretan culture and travel experts, plan and accompany you in thematic excursions and walking tours to the most beautiful, immaculate and unexplored parts of our country.

At Petassos we travel you across space and time, focusing on the interaction between people and the landscape, under the overarching principles of respect for nature and sustainable development.

So, make your decision for the next trip and… grab your hat! We have a long journey ahead…





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PETASSOS  is a Certified Travel Agency by the UNESCO Geoparks of Crete for the promotion of geo-activities and geo-tourism

SITIA Geopark  |  PSILORITIS Geopark

DOCUMENTAIRE for Crete | TV5 France, Belgium, Swiss | in French

Title: Échappées belles - Escale en Crète
Duration: 90' (Petassos Travel after the 72e min)

MULTI DAY TRIPS – Self-guided | Guided | In group

Grab your hat, there’s a long journey ahead...

PETASSOS was the hat with a brim that ancient Greeks wore in their travels or during their walks. It was made of felt and was shaped as a hemisphere so that it would fit the head. Its wide brim pro-tected people from the sun and the rain.



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