Most of our trips combine the experience in the untouched nature and the rich culture of our land.

They usually include walks or treks in the versatile nature of the areas of our specialisation.


Types of trips


Α) Tailor-made trips based on your preferences
These proposals can be thematic, or activity excursions adapted to your specific requests, or any type of trip that meets your needs and interests, given that it is consistent with the philosophy of our agency. Tailor-made trips are an ideal holiday choice for families, groups of friends, or couples. 



Β) Guided trips: With an escort or a guide who will accompany you in all the steps of your trip. For example, for groups of hikers, or other types of associations, “retreat” groups, big family vacations, schools (students, teachers), companies etc.



C) Self-guided trips: That means-that you can do the trip on your own with 24/7 support of our agency. We organise the accommodation and other provisions that you need (rental of vehicle, escorts by guides or specialists, activities, etc.) and we provide you with the detailed program and with the documents of the trip (maps, detailed day-to-day booklet, references, etc.).


D) Our one-day thematic excursions with our experts
These are private themed excursions with the escort of our specialists: geologists, biologists, anthropologists, archaeologists or people who have had “hands-on» experience in activities that are now disappearing from modern life. These daily trips and tours are centered on the representation of an event in history, on a human activity or on tracing the outline of a natural phenomenon. Our “narrations” have a beginning, a middle and an end. The leading actors in our narrations are the people who choose to travel with us. In our stories there are no silent participants or “background actors”.



E) Activities in nature such as canyoning, climbing, via ferrata, mountain biking, sailing, sea kayaking, diving, speleology and of course, our hikes which are the landmark signature of our agency.




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