What are the trips we remember the most?


Which are the travel experiences that have left an indelible mark in our memory and that we remincise at every opportunity, when we want to look back on the memorable moments of our past stories?

This is the question that Petassos travel poses and tries to answer when organizing a trip. This question is the starting point and the inspiration to form and shape a journey across space and through time. At Petassos, we do not regard a trip as a movement in space, or a transition from one place to another. For us, movement is just an opportunity to start the true journey, which is a trip across human experience and takes place on the stage of the world around us.

We organize outings, trips and tours that are centered on the representation of an event in history, on a human activity or on tracing the outline of a natural phenomenon. Our “narratives” have a beginning, a middle and an end. However, the leading actors in our narrations are the people who choose to travel with us. In our stories there are no silent participants or background roles.

Our excursions are organized by specialists on the theme of each journey: geologists, biologists, anthropologists, archaeologists or people who have hands-on experience in activities that are now disappearing from modern life.

Petassos' groups of travelers end up becoming a group of friends, who usually stay friends for life. No matter how many years may pass by, our own travel experiences are always linked to the experience of our co-travelers. It is their presence, their laughter, or their comments that we register on our hearts and minds and in this way, we shape our own experience.

The work of Petassos may be summarized in the following words: our agency will have succeed, only if we realize that experiences and people stay forever in the memories of our travelers.



Petassos' philosophy and travel provisions


Petassos’ philosophy is imprinted on all parameters of the organization of a trip. For us, issues such as accommodation and food, are the means that contribute to the acquaintance of our travelers with the local characteristics of the area they visit, that is the gastronomic culture and the customs of the  locals. This is why we have created a wide network of local businesses, professionals, guides and escorts, which also includes many local hosts, lovers of art, tradition, nature and the environment. 

In that sense, the accommodation options we provide are generally simple, following all the hygiene and safety rules. We always try to cooperate and promote small family businesses that offer excellent services, while respecting nature and supporting the local economy. 


The meals provided by Petassos, in our breakfast baskets, as well as in the selected taverns and the kafeneia we stop in our trips, include organic, traditional and quality products of local producers and farmers. In this way, our visitors can taste and experience the real gastronomic culture of each destination and the goods every season has to offer, while contributing to the local economy.


Again, as regards trasportation, we cooperate with small local businesses for car rentals, or with local taxis and drivers.


Petassos cooperates with a reliable international insurance company for the security matters of each trip. Some exceptions are made in the cases of means of transportation, since they include their own insurance for our travelers. (e.g. buses, sailing boats etc). In any case, Petassos aims to provide safe and comfortable transportation for the travelers. In the cases that a trip includes hiking or trekking in a gorge or, generally, physical activity on the mountains or in the sea, we make sure we have the support of experienced guides.

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