Our aspiration is to introduce a new rationale about travelling, one that balances knowledge and recreation. Knowledge that is essential, and recreation which is based on the contact with the unadulterated nature of Greece, as well as with its landscape, its natural terrain and its geomorphology, that has impacted local culture and the character of its residents througout the ages.

This is why, in our travels, we select hikes through unknown natural trails, we explore caves, we climb mountain peaks, we discover the ancient civilization of this land as well as its contemporary expression by those who keep the exuberant past alive.

This entire exploratory experience is based on the principle of the local residents’ active involvement and the substantial contact of the travellers with the producers, the entrepreneurs and the residents of the territories visited, who are indisputably those who preserve our millennia-old culture.

Our vision is to contribute as much as we can to the endogenous growth of this land that passionates us with its authenticity and exuberance. This land that even we, ourselves, can never stop discovering.

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