If you are dreaming of passing 11 days in some of the most legendary places of Greece, then you should trust our knowledge and deep love and passion for our country, being is being shared in this amazing tour in the mainland of Greece.
Travelling back to time in ancient Athens and Delfi, traversing ancient routes, trekking in to the wild nature park of Vikos-Aoos, savoring flavorful traditional food, walking in picturesque villages, swimming in crystal beaches and meeting locals through their everyday activities are some of the basics of this travel proposal organized and offered by our team -of experts.
We are here to offer you unforgettable experiences planned with the point of view of the suspicious traveler, eager to learn, hear, feel and touch.

- Athens Tour │Acropolis │Parthenon – with a guide or archaeologist
- The Sanctuary of Delphi, the 'Navel of the Earth'
- The Sanctuary of Dodoni
- The Acherontas archaeological site, the legendary Gate to Underworld
- Trekking in the stunning paths of UNESCO GEOPARK of Vikos-Aoos – with an English speaking mountain guide
- Swimming in the amazing river of Voidomatis
- Swimming in crystal seas & pristine beaches of the west coast of Greece
- Visiting the beautiful and picturesque coastal village of Parga
- Hiking into the Vikos Gorge, the epicentre of the Geopark – with a mountain guide
- Wavering in the alleys of the architectural miracles of Zagori villages and traversing the famous Zagori-stone bridges
- Tasting the healthy and delicious local Greek cuisine in local’s places

Detailed programme day by day


Day 1 – Arrival in Athens


Welcome to Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world with recorded history that dates back over 3,000 years. Philosophy, tragedy, comedy, history, art and architecture – all symbols of a city that is regarded as the birthplace of democracy.

Your transfer by taxi from the airport to your hotel in the centre of the city, will last approximately 45 minutes. At your hotel you will find in your room all the necessary documents for your trip to Greece. Free time to get a feel of the city at your own pace. Athens is vibrant and lively all year round!

Travel time: 36 km (45 min)

Accommodation:  Hotel 3* in central Athens.

Included: Transfer by taxi from the airport to the hotel, accommodation, delivery of material for your trip




Day 2 – Athens tour


East meets West and classic meets contemporary in this iconic European capital.  Athens is the crown jewel of Greece and a fascinating city for any visitor. A city of legends – legendary heroes, legendary beauty and legendary hospitality – Athens is a place to delve into ancient history and to be immersed in Europe’s exciting contemporary culture.

You can start our day with a visit to the world-renowned sites of Acropolis and the Parthenon and later head to the New Acropolis Museum. You can explore the archaeological site and the museum on your own or with the help of a certified guide (with an extra charge). Then you can have a walking tour through downtown Athens, visit the Greek Gastronomy Museum, where you will learn all about the culinary secrets of this country and later head to the colourful Central Food Market Varvakios Agora, a gastronomic delight, with an amazing range of local traditional products such as olives, spices, cheeses and deli treats. You can finish your day enjoying a dinner of traditional Greek cuisine in a restaurant in Monastiraki or Plaka.

Included: Accommodation, breakfast

Services with extra cost (optional): Escort by a certified guide for the archeological site 


Day 3 – Delfi


Visit to the Sanctuary of Delphi, the 'Navel of the Earth'

After your breakfast you visit the nearest to your hotel offices of the Car Rental Company in order to take your car.

You drive northwards, to Delphi. Visit Delphi – one of the most important archaeological sites in Greek history – on this full-day trip from Athens! Travel with us to explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town, home to the Temple of Apollo, and stroll around Delphi Archaeological Museum. Learn all about Greek mythology and history while seeing fascinating monuments, and visit the pretty village of Arachova.

Travel time: 182 km (2h 35min)

Accommodation:  Hotel 3* in Delfi

Included: Car rental, mix insurance, accommodation, breakfast

Services with extra cost (optional): Escort by a certified guide for the archeological site 



Day 4 – Zagori


Arrival at Zagori and settling into the rooms.

Later in the day, meeting with our representative and discussion on the programme of the following days.

With the advices of our partner and the combined use of the detailed manual we will give you, you can travel by car to the villages of the western Zagori, starting from your hostel.

From the Vikos village, a small traditional village with incredible view to the Vikos gorge, Aristi village, the Voidomatis River, “Mikro (small) & “Megalo (big) Papingo” with the amazing architecture, the marvelous view to the “Rogovo Ovires”,, the Monodendri village with the very old monastery of Agia Paraskevi, the Oxia position point and the gorge of “Mega Lakos” and so many others..

Return to your hostel

Accommodation:  Hotel 3* in the village of Kato Pedina of Zagori

Included: Car rental, mix insurance, accommodation, breakfast, meeting with our representative

Travel time: 387 km (5h 58 min)

Accommodation:  Hotel 3* in the village of Kato Pedina of Zagori


Day 5 – Trekking into the “stony paths” and observing the architecture of Zagori – ‘BRIDGES’



This day you can focus on visits to some architectural miracles of Zagori. The BRIDGES… You can either visit various spots that we will recommend you on the road-book we will give you, or chose to hike 5 hours (a circular hike) that will pass you from all those wonderful monuments.

You can also chose to have an escort of our expert guide in order to do the hiking. In this case, you will pass from five stone arched bridges with different characteristics as the size, the number of arches and some of those exceed two centuries of life.  Furthermore, you’ll move near the stone built villages like Kipoi and Vitsa while you will walk and admire the traditional architecture in the beautiful village of Koukouli. During the route you are walking in stone-made paths called “kalderimia” and natural paths in oak forests while we can see part of the Vikos gorge between the villages of Koukouli and Vitsa. It’s very impressive and one of the most important points of the itinerary is the ascent of the Vitsa stairs a sinuous path climbing the steep slope after the Misios Bridge in the village of Vitsa.

Walking time: 5 hours

Accommodation:  Hotel 3* in the village of Kato Pedina of Zagori

Included: Car rental, mix insurance, accommodation, breakfast

Services with extra cost (optional): Escort by our specialized English-speaking mountain guide and pick-nick in nature 


Day 6 - FREE DAY or Participation with expert locals into a variety of traditional workshops


Using the detailed travel book we will give you, you can spend your day visiting various wonderful destinations, of simply… rest in your beautiful, cozy and comfortable guesthouse in the village of Kato Pedina.

In case you decide to get acquainted with some of the most interesting productive activities of active young locals, you could request to participate to the following ones:

Option 1:  «Apiculture in Dilofo»


We’ll visit an apiary to discover bee’s life into the beehive. We’ll walk around the region to see which flowers or trees the bees are visiting for nectar or pollen. Depending on the time of the season we’ll harvest honey, we’ll collect and clean pollen or we’ll watch how to produce royal jelly. We’ll learn to handle the beekeeping tools.

The duration of the program is 4 hours (question for allergies)

Extra cost per group: Escort by our specialized English-speaking mountain guide and pick-nick in nature 


Option 2:  « to collect mushrooms »


Depending on the season we’ll walk into the woods in order to identify and collect different types of wild edible mushrooms that grow in the Zagori region. The edible types can be cooked with different ways like in a mushroom pie, fried with vegetables or grilled, in the Lithos restaurant with the help of the chef “Takis” and finally we’ll enjoy them with a beautiful view towards the mountains relaxing in the restaurant’s balcony.

Extra cost per group: Escort by our specialized English-speaking mountain guide and pick-nick in nature 



Option 3:  «Beeswax and products in everyday use» (ALL YEAR ROUND)

We are looking for the beeswax journey from the flower and the blister to our door. We discover its miraculous uses in the hive but especially in our everyday life.

The fire is burning and together we produce the romantic candle that also renews the atmosphere, the hydrative and healing balm, the protective lip balm.

 A multisensory approach that will follow us during our trip.

Duration 3 hours.

Extra cost per group: Escort by our specialized English-speaking mountain guide  and pick-nick in nature 




Option 3:  «honey bites» (ALL YEAR ROUND)

Exploring the honey production from the bee.

Learning its uses and properties.

Discovering ideas for its use in our daily cuisine.

We prepare together honey bites: bars with unbaked honey, sesame, dry fruits but also honey balls with unbaked honey, cacao, fruits and pollen.

We’ll enjoy them and keep them for the rest of the trip.

Duration: 3 hours

Extra cost per group: Escort by our specialized English-speaking mountain guide and pick-nick in nature 






Bear in mind that these activities are organized privately. They do not have a tourist character. Participating in them will give you the opportunity to feel like locals, since you will participate in the procedures they follow in order to prepare their products.

Also, during the day, you will be offered a light snack of high quality and flavor natural, local, fresh products prepared by our collaborates (no matter which activity you chose).

Accommodation:  Hotel 3* in the village of Kato Pedina of Zagori

Included: Car rental, mix insurance, accommodation and breakfast.

Services with extra cost (optional):  Escort by our English speaking expert / producer / manufacturer and presentation of one of the thematic programs presented above with all the material /equipment required and with a very special snack (cost per activity mentioned above)..


Day 7 – Hiking into the Vikos Gorge, the epicenter of the Geopark


Breakfast and meeting with the English speaking guide. We walk in the deepest and most spectacular gorge of Greece in the heart of the Geopark Vikos-Aoos, starting from Monodendri to the Vikos village, through a route of impressive vertical limestone rocks that were created in the bottom of the ocean millions of years ago.

In the last part of the route we meet the first springs of Voidomatis river, the most clean and cold river of the country with annual temperature 8,5 C where the more daring visitors can refresh themselves.

Trekking time: 6 hours

Accommodation:  Hotel 3* in the village of Kato Pedina of Zagori

Included: Car rental, mix insurance, accommodation, breakfast, escort by an experienced English speaking mountain guide, transfer by a local back to the parking area to pick up the car



Day 8 – To the crystal beaches & the sanctuary of Dodoni


After your breakfast, you drive towards the West-Sea coast. There you can find some amazing beaches to spend your day: Syvota Perdika, Karavostasi. The driving distance Ioannina-Karavostasi is 2h30. In the middle, and before arriving to the beached, I strongly recommend that you stop at the significant archeological site of Dodoni.

In the afternoon, you continue your trip to the charming coastal village of Parga, where you will overnight.

Travel time: 2h00

Accommodation: Apartment at Parga, neat the beach, without breakfast

Included: Car rental, mix insurance, accommodation, breakfast



Day 9 – The Acherontas gate of the underworld and… more pristine beaches!


Next day, you profit of Parga as well as of the incredible beaches you will find on the surrounding area of Parga. Possibility also to visit Acherontas and the cave of the Death, the legendary passage into the underworld!

Overnight at Parga. 

Accommodation: Apartment at Parga, neat the beach, without breakfast. 

Included: Car rental, mix insurance, accommodation without breakfast



Day 10 – Return to Athens


You depart for Athens. The trip is long, but we will make some suggestions to you about the places you can make pauses. You return the car to the company.

Travel time: 485km (6h54 min)

Accommodation:  Hotel 3* in Athens with breakfast

Included: Car rental, mix insurance, accommodation without breakfast


Day 11 – Departure


After your breakfast you are transferred by taxi to the airport.

Flight back home

Included: Transfer to the airport, breakfast



What is included?

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Athens (day 1)
  • Transfer from the hotel in Athens to the airport (day 11)
  • Providing the maps and printed material for your trip and talking thoroughly on the trip
  • A detailed manual specially prepared for your self-guided trip
  • Private rented vehicle throughout the tour from Athens to Epirus with mix insurance
  • Accommodation in 3* hotels and high quality characterful local guesthouses, selected by Petassos Travel, including breakfast, free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning
  • Escort by an English-speaking guide at Vikos gorge
  • Transfer back for the pickup of the car the day of Vikos gorge
  • Phone support 24/7
  • Third Party Liability
  • Taxes


What is not included?

  • International flights & domestic flights
  • Personal expenses & tips
  • Entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites
  • Guided tours and entrance fees for museums and organised historical/archaeological sites
  • Guided tours on request, as described above (extra costs will be mentioned separately)
  • Tolls in the national roads
  • Beverages and drinks
  • Personal insurance (upon request)
  • Petrol
  • Car GPS
  • VAT for accommodation: 0.50 -5 euros per day per room to be paid by you directly to each hotel (it depends on the hotel and it is due to the reception according to the Greek low).
  • Accommodation VAT (it depends on the type of hotel): it varies from 0.50 to 5 euros per day, per room, to be paid by you directly to each hotel.
  • Lunch and dinner, unless otherwise mentioned in the proposal above
  • Anything not mentioned above



Payment and cancellation terms

Conditions of payment

In order to confirm your reservation you have to pay a deposit of the 50% of the total price of your trip either with a credit card or with direct debit, by clicking on the link that will be provide by your local agent.

You should have paid the remaining 50% of your trip at least 30 days before your departure.

Conditions of cancellation

All cancellations need to be done by e-mail to the local agency. The money to be paid varies depending on the date of the cancellation:

  • more than 50 days from the date of departure : 100 euros for the cost of the ‘planning of Dossier”
  • 49-30 days from the date of departure : 20% of the price
  • 29-21 days from the date of departure : 50 % of the price
  • 20-8 days from the date of departure : 70% of the price
  • 7-4 days from the date of departure : 90% of the price
  • less than 3 days from the date of departure or after the date of departure : 100% of the price



  Services not used

  • All trips which are cut short, or all services concerning land, rivers, sea or air if they are not used for any reason, there will be no reimbursement by the local agent.
  • It is the traveler’s responsibility to draw an insurance contract based on which he will be able to be reimbursed in case services are not rendered.




Possibility to adapt the programme according to the trekking experience of the travelers.

My promise to support my community

The accommodation we select for you, our travelers, are owned by locals who follow the rules of sustainability and use local resources for the function of their rooms. Breakfasts offered are always made of local fresh products.

The car companies we use are owned by small local companies of locals.

The mountain guides we cooperate with are locals with rich experience and love to the natural treasures of Zagori.

We cooperate with local producers who cultivate and produce healthy products from the wild nature of Epirus Mountains.
Duration: 11 days (10 nights)
Dates: From 1 April to 30 October
Location: Athens, Delfi & Zagori - Epirus
Difficulty: None
Languages: English
Cost: Upon request


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