MINOS, THE NINE-YEAR KING For adults. Guide by an archeologist

A subversive approach of the most famous palace of Crete and the Minoan civilisation, with a specialised and highly qualified archaeologist. The excursion includes a rich picnic in nature, adapted to the Minoan Era.
Depending on the travelers' preference, a 2-hour trekking accompanied by a mountain guide may also be included, from the sanctuary of Anemospilia to the peak sanctuary of Juktas, through an ancient path with a stunning view.


Knossos, the great city of Minoan Crete, was the seat of the legendary king of the island, Minos, son of Zeus, and the oriental princess Europe. The earliest ancient sources mention the name of Minos with the word “Enneoros”, i.e. the king his reign lasted nine years. Every nine years Minos ascended to the mountain edge of his land, to receive the law of god himself, essentially to renew the sanction of his nine-year reign. The scenery around the palace of Knossos provides one of the most imaginative mythical landscapes of this nine-year ritual process. On the outskirts of Knossos lays this mountain that may be climbed, and the rivers flowing from this mountain leading to Knossos and the king's palace and forming the paths and roads of this area.

The travelers of PETASSOS will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the “fabulous scenery” of the myth, the landscape of the mountain, the rivers and the roads of the region, where the town and the palace of Knossos were built up. The excursion to this historical landscape, is a chance to know the Minoan's ways of measuring time, i.e. to get to know their calendar. For Minos, the great King of Knossos, as well as for his people, successful time and space management were crucial and important responsibilities.



  • Driving (or trekking) to the top of mountain Juktas (811 m.).
  • Guided tour around the Minoan sanctuary of Anemospilia.
  • Visiting the hilly area of Fourni where the picnic will take place.
  • A two-hour trek to the peak sanctuary of Juktas (at an additional charge)


The price includes:

  • Experienced archaeologist
  • Thematic booklet
  • Light lunch in nature adapted to the Minoan diet
  • Water (1 lt)
  • For the trekking part, if choosen: Walking poles (on request, depending on availability)
  • Third Party Liability
  • Taxes


The price does not include:

  • Transport from/to your accommodation (upon request)
  • Guided tours and entrance tickets for organized archaeological sites
  • Personal Insurance (upon request)
  • Beverages and drinks
  • Personal expenses & tips
  • Anything not mentioned above


* This trip is a private excursion
* For groups of adults
* Necessary personal equipment: Sunscreen oil, Hat, Sunglasses │If you choose the trekking, don't forget: Trekking or walking shoes │ Small rucksack with your personal items
* (!) Please inform us of any dietary needs/particularities you might have (allergies, intolerances) or other health issues we have to take into consideration
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Duration: 4-6 hours (depending on whether you will choose the trekking)
Dates: All year round, upon request
Note: with at least 3 days' notice
Location: The surroundings of the archaeological site of Knossos (15 km from Heraklion city)
Difficulty: Very easy │ If trekking included, level of difficulty: easy/moderate
Languages: English
Note: For more languages, it is possible to have an interpreter, upon request.
Cost: Upon request


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