TREKKING & ADVENTURE in Crete and around Greece

Our team has more than 10 mountain guides, speleologists, mountaineers, all of them being highly qualified, with lots of precious experiences and an immense passion for nature and the environment. We are ready to guide you in the paths we have explored and distinguished in the Cretan land and around Greece.

We not only have many excursions to propose to you, but we also suggest that you give a go to more extreme ones, such as diving, mountain biking, canoe kayak, potholing etc. at different degrees of difficulty and in various regions. Ask us about our trekking and extreme sports excursions and combine them with thematic tours to get the most out of holiday trips!

Our trekking and hiking hangouts in Crete

Being based and specialised in Crete, we have explored the mountains and caves of the island for the last 20 years and we have acquired a deeper knowledge of this magnificent place with so many variations in its terrain and its rare and particular biodiversity.

CH: Chania region. The majestic White Mountains, the longest and most famous mountain range in Crete, the first protected area for its rich and rare biodiversity

AM: the valley of Amari, between the mountains of Psiloritis and Kedros, featuring rare geological phenomena and exceptionally beautiful places like palm forest, dunes, faults, gorges and rivers.

PS : The geopark of Psiloritis. The highest mountain in Crete. It is part of the UNESCO network of geoparks for its important geotopes and it is considered part of the world's natural heritage.

AS : Mountains of Asterousia. The less touristy and wildest part of Crete. Incredibly beautiful landscape. Protected zone for the bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus).

PL : Plateau of Lassithi. Magnificent scenery, a harmonious relationship between the human and unspoilt nature, surrounded by the proud high mountains which reveal important karstic and palaeontological phenomena.

MERLA : Merabelo and Lassithiotika. An exceptionally beautiful region with archeaological sites, monasteries, heavenly beaches, palm forests and an amazing landscape.

LA: Dikti, or Lassithian Mountains. The mountains where the biggest forest in Crete is found.... beautiful landscape and unforgettable excursions

SIT : The Georpark of Sitia. The second largest world heritage site in Crete, protected for its biodiversity and its geological importance. The terrain of the mountains and the high plateaus of eastern Crete make this zone exceptional.


And of course, the E4 European Path of long distances, is our specialisation!


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* Our trips in the areas can be organised as private excursions, or in group.
* Ask us or check our trekking excursions for minimum participation ages for children.
* Necessary personal equipment: Sunscreen oil, Hat, Sunglasses │Trekking or walking shoes │ Small rucksack with your personal items
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Duration: Duration adapted to the traveller's availability
Dates: Throughout the year - upon request
Location: Crete and other regions of Greece
Difficulty: Depending on the path you' ll choose
Languages: English
Note: For more languages it is possible to have an interpreter, with a supplement
Cost: Upon request


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