8 days | FAMILY TIME ΙΝ WEST CRETE: SOUGIA - PALEOCHORA Into the magic of West Crete by car, on foot and through outdoor activites for the whole family

A tour in the most important Natural Park of Crete. 8 days designed especially for families who are looking to explore the authentic and charming side of Crete.


This 8-day trip includes visits in stunning landscapes, swimming in heavenly beaches, activities in nature (hiking, snorkelling, windsurfing, canoeing the sea, mountain biking) or other sport or/ and educational activities such as games, treasure hunts and above all… contact with locals. The selection of B&B accommodation has been made very carefully so as to match your needs for authentic but at the same time charming hotels either lost in nature, or with swimming pools and animation for children.


The highlights

  • Heraklion City and (depending on the arrival time, Heraklion Archaeological Museum and Palace of Knossos
  • Charming and historical city of Chania
  • Village of Paleochora
  • Coastal village of Sougia
  • Crystal beaches, very pretty South Crete
  • Balos lagoon
  • Elafonissos island
  • Possibility to visit by boat the exit of the legendary gorge of Samaria
  • Easy and enjoyable activities like bike, canoe kayak
  • Archaeological site of Lissos
  • Some easy and interesting hikes in nature
  • Tasting the delicious dishes of the famous Cretan cuisine


Detailed programme



Welcome To Crete!

You arrive at the airport of Heraklion where we will meet you, in order to assist you with the car and to provide you with the maps and the printed material that we will have prepared for your trip. Moreover, we will have a thorough discussion on your itinerary either at the café of the airport, or in our office (depending on the time you will arrive).

You start driving to Chania, the “pearl of Crete”. Here, the Old Town and the Venetian Harbour have remained almost intact, giving the city a special Venetian character, unique in the Mediterranean. Thus, the visitors of Chania are attracted by the beauty of the scenic narrow streets, the imposing lighthouse at the entrance of the small harbor and all the amazing monuments that make up the transcendent magic of Chania. Settling into the hotel.

Travelling distance: 160 km

Time/distance of trekking: -

[ If you arrive late, you will overnight at Heraklion. In this case, next morning and before you head into Chania, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wonderful family historical program for the incredible Venetian fortification of Heraklion. Please have a look on the description of this program right below].

Hotel 3* in HERAKLION




Driving towards Chania:  the charming Venetian city

Heraklion - Chania

After your breakfasts, delivery of your car to the hotel.

You start driving westwards.

You arrive at the beautiful town of Chania with the small alleys and Venetian buildings and the historic port, and with small shops, taverns and cafes, full of joy and life!

Settling into the rooms and discovery of the beautiful city.

Travel time: Heraklion - Chania: 142 km

About 3:00 hours of driving

 Hotel 3* near the old city of Chania





The castle of Grambousa!

Heraklion - Chania - Balos - Paleochora 

You start driving towards Balos. 

You visit this amazing lagoon and then you continue southwards towards Paleochora where you will overnight.

Driving time : 

Chania- Balos: 1h30

Balos - Paleochora: 2h00

Charming family Villa 




Resting day by the beach or exploring the nearby village of Sougia

Discovering the wonderful beaches of Paleochora.


Exploring the coastal village of Sougia and its surroundings

Today is the day not only of exploration by car but also on foot for those who love trekking, of the amazing beaches near Sougia. The small village in the south-west of Crete has managed to remain unspoiled by the growth of tourism in Crete. It is still a peaceful haven, with a long beach, plenty of simple, rather small, accommodation facilities with a family ambience and excellent places to taste more cosmopolitan flavors and cuisines.

In Sougia, you can walk up to the famous ancient site of Lissos, on a fantastic walking trail. Lissos was famous for the Asclepion, where patients from all over the island arrived to be healed from the thermal baths. A walk in the valley of Lissos will impress you, as the area is dispersed with ancient ruins, such as pillars, building bases and pieces of marble.

Return to Paleochora.

Travelling distance: 0 km.

Time/distance of trekking: For the trekking to Lissos it takes around 3 hours (return) (1.5+1.5 h.).

Optional activities: Biking, scuba diving, boat trip.




South Coasts & Elafonissi Lagoon

Exploration of the south ancient coasts and swimming in the lagoon of Elafonisi

After breakfast you start heading south. Today, you will visit the monastery of Chryssoskalitissa, the Elafonisi lagoon (a very important protected area for its biodiversity and one of the most emblematic of the island, which is featured on countless postcards), as well as the coastal-beaches of Kedrodasos. Here, dunes of white sand and the ancient cedars cover the whole vicinity. The main beach is sandy and boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters; along the coastal path from Elafonisi to Kedrodasos are small deserted coves. All of them are exceptional in terms of beauty but also in terms of their particularly interesting geological phenomena that have taken place there (over hundreds of years, fault lines have lifted the ancient coasts more than 8m above sea level…).

Return to Paleochora.

Walks along the coast of this cosmopolitan little town.

Travelling distance: 

38 km Monastery of Chryssoskalitissa (asphalt)

6km Chryssoskalitissa - Elafonisi

4 km Elafonisi – Kedrodasos (dirt-road)

48 km Elafonisi – Palaiochora (asphalt)

Time/distance of trekking: Walks 




Faraggas: The Majestic Gorge of Samaria

Early wakeup call and breakfast. 

You take the boat to the village Agia Roumeli, the exit of the majestic gorge of Samaria, the most well-known in Crete and in Balkans.

You can walk in it, starting from the beach and then return back depending on your mood.


In the afternoon you take again your boat and return to Paleochora.

Travelling distance: 0 km 

Time/distance of trekking: from 2 to 5 hours



Free relaxing day

You start driving to Heraklion. Possibility to choose a route that will take you through the Omalos plateau and the Chania Botanical Park where children can participate in an educational program (below description) ...

Then, another stopover that we recommend you to do is in the city of Rethymnon.

Later, arrival in Heraklion and settling into the rooms.



End of the Trip

You drive to the airport and you deliver the car (15min drive).

Flight back home.



  • Assistance at the airport (delivering your car, providing the maps and printed material for your trip and talking thoroughly about the itinerary)
  • Renting a car for all the days (category: medium car from a local company)
  • A detailed manual specially prepared for your trip (with references, texts, photos, maps etc.)
  • Breakfast in all the hotels and apartments
  • Accommodation as described above
  • Phone support 24 hours a day


Not included

  • International flights
  • Guided tours and entrance fees to museums and organised archaeological sites
  • Tickets for national parks and boats
  • Beverages (soft drinks), tips and personal expenses
  • Lunch and dinner, unless otherwise mentioned in the proposal above (be ready to pay about 12-17 euros per person in a standard tavern)
  • The games and activities
  • Rucksack, trekking poles and other technical equipment (unless  otherwise mentioned in itinerary)
  • Petrol
  • Personal insurance
  • Anything not mentioned above




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