ALL AROUND THE CLASSICS OF CRETE Ideal for couples, friends, famillies

This trip allows you to explore the most important sites and feel the authentic taste of Crete. Visit its classic must-see places, its enchanting historical cities, its famous archaeological sites, the seducing wine routes and the traditional villages located inside the vast olive groves, the impressive mountains of the mainland, and of course, the excellent cuisine of the traditional restaurants and taverns.

Day-to-day programme

Day 1 - Welcome to Crete!

  • Arrival at the Heraklion Airport. Taxi to the hotel at the city centre.
  • Arrival and settling into the room. There, you will be met by our partner who will welcome you and will give you all the documents you will need for the trip (travel-books, maps and a special guide for your itinerary). There we will have the chance to meet each other and make a thorough discussion on the trip.
  • Depending on the time of your arrival, exploration of the lively city of Heraklion through small walks in the city-center, the Venetian walls or the charming Venetian port.

Distance from the Heraklion airport to the city centre: 4 km
Accommodation: City hotel at Heraklion
Included in the day: taxi transfer, welcome meeting and trip-documents delivery, accommodation


Day 2 - Heraklion City Food Tour  & Archeological Visits

Heraklion city Food Tour: An exploration of the city and its flavors

A food tour in Heraklion city for all those interested in cooking and the Cretan diet and culture. Meet our experienced foodist who will guide you in the most frequent food hangouts of the city and will intorduce you to the Cretan cuisine through a gastronomical workshop. All you need is confy shoes, a shopping mood and a huge smile!

Archaeological visits: sites to discover the Minoan civilisation

Later, you can visit the Knossos Palace and finish your day by visiting the most impressive museum of Crete, the Archeological Museum, which has been also recently renovated.

Accommodation: the same city-hotel
Included in the day: One-day gastronomic & cultural programme, accommodation



Day 3 - The zone of Elounda – Spinalonga / East of Crete

  • Breakfast and delivery of your rented car.
  • This day, your destination is the area of Elounda / Agios Nikolaos. But before arriving there, we suggest that you follow a very beautiful route that will take you through many small villages and stunning mountain, as well as the legendary plateau of Lassithi. The plateau with the mythological cave of Zeus, the Dikteon Andron.
  • Depending on your mood, you will be able to go hiking following a Minoan (ancient) path that will take you to an ancient city lost in the mountains with a stunning view. A place that the last Minoans chose to hide, during the period of the invasion of the island by the Dorian tribes…
  • After the plateau of Lassithi, you will follow another picturesque route -which we will plan for you- in order to arrive to the sea-shore again, and, in particular, to your last destination: Agios Nikolaos, the charming city with the mysterious lake and the Elounda fishing port, where you will spend the night.
  • Settling into the rooms of your hotel.

On request, we can organize for you a 2-3 hour guided hike through beautiful landscapes and small beautiful hills! It is also possible to hike without a guide, with our advices and the relevant information that we will provide you. In this case, we will organize for you the transfer back to your car.

Travel time: 70 km (1 hour) 
Trekking time: (optional) from 2 to 3 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at the village of Elounda
Included in the day: Accommodation, breakfast, car rental, mixed insurance


Day 4 - Spinalonga

The island of the lepers, the island of the tears...

  • After your breakfast you can go for walks in the beautiful harbor and ... in the unknown salt mines of the recent past with the remnants of the mills and other stone-constructions! But ... above all, this is the day that you will ‘meet’ a sweet but at the same time so hard story... The story of the island that hospitalized for many years the lives and souls of the lepers of Crete ... a beautiful island that is an ornament in the Elounda’s bay: Spinalonga.
  • Possibility of swimming in several places that we will suggest you.

Kritsa Wall Paintings, a one-day private excursion with a specialised archaeologist, to discover archaeological sites of 4000 years ago, or the churches and the Byzantine art through frescoes of 1200-1500 AD.

Travel time: Depending on your mood and how much time you want to spend on these small excursions
Accommodation: Overnight at the same hotel at Elounda
Included in the day: Accommodation, breakfast, car rental, mixed insurance


Day 5 - A journey through mountains, villages, tradition and antiquity

The robust villages of Psiloritis, the Venetian city of Rethymno, the Arkadi monastery, the archaeological sites of Eleftherna and the pottery village.

The day starts with breakfast, packing and a change of direction. Time to head for Rethymno.

  • In order to get there, we will propose you a route that will take you through the mountainous beauty of Psiloritis and its robust villages ... According to your wishes that day, you will have the option to go through an area where the old Cretan traditions are preserved until nowadays!
    Other visits that suit this day are the following:
  • A visit in the surrounding area of Arkadi, where the scenery is impressive, and the historic homonymous monastery dominates with its architecture, the breathtaking history and its rich past...
  • Here, you should not miss the open-air archaeological site of Elefhterna, with its new museum and the pottery village of Margarites.
  • Also, a walk in nature is always essential and adds a unique quality in our holidays. Depending on your desire to walk, we can propose you several different walks in nature of different durations or levels of difficulty.
  • Late in the afternoon, arrival at the most charming city of Crete, Rethymnon.
  • Settling into your room, and, later, walking exploration of the city and the Venetian port, where you will come across several historic buildings, workshops, museums, the picturesque harbor and of course the beautiful tastes in the city's taverns and "kafeneia".

1) The aforementioned itinerary can also be organized as a private guided excursion with a certified speaking guide who will help you discover (a) the historical importance of the charming city of Rethymno, (b) the archaeological sites and the museum of of Eleftherna and  (c) the monastery of Arkadi.
2) We can organise for you several hikes of different levels of difficulty, or even activities, like mountain bike, accompagnied by our experts, or as guided activities.
3) Tastes & Hangouts of Rethymnon: A 3-hour cultural and gastronomical tour to discover the local's gangouts and delicacies.

Travel time: 150 km (2h00)
Walking/trekking time: 1 to 3 hours, depending on your plans and walking appetite
Accommodation: Hotel at the historical centre of Rethymnon
Included in the day: Accommodation, breakfast, car rental, mixed insurance


Day 6 - The hinderland of Chania

Explore the most famous city of Crete and the must-see areas of throughout the region of Chania.

  • After breakfast, its time to leave for another destination. Direction: West, towards Chania.
  • Follow the route we have chosen for you, through the area of Apokoronas, where you will pass from the lake of Kournas and the water springs of Argyroupolis. Your detailed travel book will include various suggestions about various points of interest in the area, giving you the opportunity to choose among simple classic visits, landscape explorations such as gorges, trails, or cultural experiences through visits to local workshops and producers.
  • Arrival at Chania and settling into your rooms.
  • Night out in the charming city.

Travel time: Around 3 hours
Walking/trekking time: Depending on your plans and walking appetite
Accommodation: Hotel in the historical centre of Chania
Included in the day: Accommodation, breakfast, car rental, mixed insurance


Day 7 - Balos

  • Visit to the most famous lagoon of Crete: Gramvousa, or Balos.
  • After this unforgettable visit (especially at a non-touristy period of year), we will prepare for you an itinerary that will take you through the villages of Chestnuts to admire the rich nature and the small hidden villages, with excellent suggestions on local cuisine.

Travel time: About 1 hour to go + return
Walking time: About 1 hour round trip (according to your preferences
Accommodation: At the same hotel in the historical centre of Chania
Included in the day: Accommodation, breakfast, car rental, mixed insurance


Day 8 - End of the trip

  • After breakfast you take the road back to Heraklion and the airport, where you will leave your rented car.
  • Flight back home

Travel time from Chania to the airport of Heraklion: 3 hours
Included in the day: Breakfast, car rental, mixed insurance


The price includes:

  • Assistance at the airport and the hotel (providing the maps and printed material for your trip and discussing thoroughly about your programme)
  • Taxi transfer from the airport to your hotel at Heraklion (Day 1)
  • A detailed travel guide specially prepared for your trip (with references, texts, photos, maps and proposals for wonderful visits, treks, eating hangouts etc.)
  • Accommodation in 3* hotels and high quality apartments, selected by Petassos Travel, including breakfast, free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning
  • Car rental for the days of your road trip
  • The provisions of the programme Heraklion city Food Tour, on Day 2
  • Phone support 24/7
  • Third Party Liability
  • Taxes


The price does not include:

  • International & domestic flights
  • Personal accident insurance, powed by Lloyd's insurance company (upon request)
  • Travel Insurance (upon request)
  • Guided tours and entrance fees for museums and organised historical/archaeological sites
  • Thematic guided tours on request, as described above (extra costs will be mentioned separately)
  • Petrol
  • Car GPS
  • Accommodation VAT (it depends on the type of hotel): it varies from 0.50 to 5 euros per day, per room, to be paid by you directly to each hotel.
  • Beverages and drinks
  • Personal expenses & tips
  • Anything not mentioned above



* This trip is a private excursion.
* It may be extended by 1-3 days and to include more options for visits in the area of Chania.
* It may be modified according to the travellers' preferences and needs.
* (!) Please inform us of any dietary needs/particularities you might have (allergies, intolerances) or other health issues we have to take into consideration.
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Duration: 8 days (7 nights)
Dates: Throughout the year
Location: Crete: Heraklion | Rethymnon | Chania
Difficulty: None | Trekking and hiking options: Easy - Moderate
Languages: Phone support 24h in English, French, German
Documents for the trip (maps, books) in English, French, German
Cost: For small groups: starting from 600 euros per person


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